About Me

Pragmatic and objective oriented Full Stack Developer with a deep seated understanding of performance, consistency and thoughful UI designs.

For me, the challenge was always more meaningful. From an early age I have enjoyed solving problems and helping others. This has remained constant over the years.

I have always enjoyed working on both the UI and the logic holding it all together. That's why I have been able to learn more than I have ever thought of.

Current Focus Nodejs | Angular | Microservices


Scripting, Automation, Creative Writing
Worked part-time on various small, scripting, scraping, code documenting and creative writing projects.
  1. Developed on-demand scrapers for both static and dynamic websites
  2. Developed custom scraping solutions for Twitter
  3. Developed modules for third party REST API integration with existing systems
  4. Developed the backend for a prototype URL shortening service
  1. Developed simple automation scripts in BASH for *Nix systems
  2. Developed simple daemon for performing custom tasks like downloading files and organizing directories
Creative Writing
  1. Wrote on-demand, high quality English articles
  2. Wrote annual reports, term reports and other documentaion

January 2016 - August 2017

Star Computer Systems Ltd (SCSL)
Head of Training
Worked on developing and conducting cyber security training for non-IT executives
  1. Developed slide lecture series for cyber security training for non-IT executives at banks and financial organizations
  2. Developed hands-on threat and countermeasures demo for lab demonstration and practice
  3. Developed exam and short quiz questionnaire

February 2018 - December 2018

Bangladesh Police
Prototype Development
A real-time help and relief app for victims of sexual assault and domestic abuse
  1. Developed REST API for supporting user and police mobile applications using NodeJS
  2. Integrated Firebase Cloud Messaging for Push Notifications
  3. Integrated Twilio based SMS communication gateway
  4. Added support for HERE API location query and reverse geocoding

February 2019 - June 2019

Bright Technologies Ltd (BTL)
Prototype Development, Consultation
Developed one IoT based prototype and consulted on system architecture and project development.
  1. Developed a Raspberry PI based recording device with remote listening and scheduled backup capability
  2. Developed an FTP server for storing incoming audio feeds
  3. Developed solutions for basic audio feed cleanup and enhancement
  1. Consulted on the system architecture and technical requirements for a Library Management System
  2. Consulted on the system architecture, design and initial development for a Personnel Information Management System

July 2019 - November 2019



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email abrarhgalib@gmail.com

phone (+880) 1847 090 622